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Terms of Use


We encourage you to read current terms of use attentively. By using this internet website, you confirm, that you accepted, understood and agreed to the

conditions mentioned below. So if you do not agree with the terms, then you cannot use website.

• Use of the website

You cannot use the website either for illegal purposes or contrary to current terms of use. 

• Accurate use

Hereby you guarantee that you will not cause any difficulty and inconvenience neither for LiveAuction nor for the users of the website in any way. Moreover,

you will not let others to use for the internet site for the same purposes mentioned above. You also guarantee not to use the service of LiveAuction for

transferring and installing illegal as well as defamatory, abusive and threatening materials as well as materials that in our opinion may cause difficulty and

discomfort for LiveAuction LLC or other entities.

• Trademark

LiveAuction trademark, our brand name, are listed on this website and are belonging to the LiveAuction LLC. Furthermore, these trademarks are protected by

the legislation of the Republic of Armenia and corresponding international treaties.

• Registration and Security

To have the possibility to use our services, you must register and give complete and accurate information to LiveAuction LLC. In case of not providing
complete and accurate information during the registration, we can easily terminate the provision of services. The usage terms include some expressions,

from which one of them is the expression « “We” or “Our” and the other is «“You” and “Your” - the first one is about LiveAuction and its staff, and the next one

is about its customers and participants. Being registered in the current web-site and using these terms you confirm your responsibility towards LiveAuction.

• Use of the website by Children

Children (people under the age of 18) are not eligible to use the website without the permission of their parents, and we encourage them not to submit any

personal information. However, if you are under the age of 18, you may use this website only under the supervision of parents or guardians.

• Privacy Protection and Personal Data

Regarding the personal data collection and usage you can get acquainted in the subunit “Our Privacy Policy.”

• Main concepts used in the website

•Auction – the process of buying and selling goods or services by offering them up for bid, taking bids, and then selling the item to the highest 
bidder. Auctions are going to organized through (from now on – Website). 

The auction organizer - LiveAuction LLC.

Accept - complete or unconditional acceptance of the present usage terms by the participants (performed by during the registration

Ongoing auction – auctions, which were taking place at the real time

Upcoming auctions - auctions which have not yet started

Auction participants - individuals who have paid the participation fee in the auction

Participation payment - the amount of money set by the organizer of the auction

Lot - goods that have a particular number, starting price, appropriate description, etc. and sold via the auction

Starting price –predicted price at the beginning of the sale

Market price - actual price, by which the sales and purchase of the goods/service are realized.

Bid submission - price offer made by the participant during the auction amount of which should not be less (more) than the minimum (maximum) price set

previously by the organizer of the auction.

The minimum (maximum) amount of the step - price offer, the amount of which has already fixed by the organizer of the auction

Purchase price - the last highest bid submitted by the auction participant

Double auction - auction which is organized again because of postponement

Reserve Price- A reserve price is a price a seller can set when they create an auction-style listing. It's the minimum price they're willing to accept for an


Reserve Not Met- It means that your bid (your full, maximum bid, even if the full amount is not shown) is lower than the "Reserve" set by the seller as the

minimum sale price, and you cannot win that item with that bid.

Reserve Met- It means that your bid (your full, maximum bid, even if the full amount is not shown) is equal or more than the reserve price, which means that

you win that item with that bid.

Second Chance Offer- A "Second Chance Offer" is when the seller of an item has been given the ability (authorized by Liveauction) to sell you an item you

placed a bid on, but didn't win. You can buy the item at your original bid price and all safely done right on LiveAuction (just as if you had won the auction).

SMART Membership- a one-time payment, which allows an unlimited amount of free participation to all SMART auctions
• Acceptance- Participant's full and unconditional acceptance of these terms of use, which is done through site to site during registration.

• Organizing and Holding Auctions

•Some forms of auctions, as well as other conditions, are set in this terms of use.
•The auction is held as the starting price starts to increase.
•Any goods or service can become the auction lot except the cases prescribed by law.
•The public announcements about the auction is comprehended via web-site.
•Each auction starts and ends its day and time specified in the public announcement.
•If one of the participants bids during the last 3 minutes, the time becomes again 3 minutes until the end of the auction.
•The auctions can have different duration. Thus every auction are accompanied by the countdown clock.
•The winner of the auction is considered the participant who has submitted the highest price at the end of the auction.

• What's a SMART Auction?

SMART auction is the auction, where the item for sale may not be sold if the final bid is not high or equal from reserve price enough to satisfy the seller.

•What's a Reserve Price?

A reserve price is a hidden minimum price—essentially, the lowest price you're willing to accept for your item. If the listing ends without any bids that meet

the reserve price, you aren't required to sell the item.

The reserve price is hidden from buyers. When a potential buyer bids, he/she must pay attention to the message above the price that shows either his/her

price met the reserve price or not. The auction continues until the reserve price met, the listing shows the message Reserve not met. Of course, sellers

aren't obligated to reveal their reserve price.

When you bid on an item with an amount equal or more to reserve price, and your maximum bid meets the reserve price, then the table that showed “Reserve

not met” will automatically change to “Reserve met.”

Note: If a seller's reserve price isn't met, they might choose to offer the item to one of the bidders using a Second Chance Offer.

• What's a Second Chance Offer? 

When the auction ends with the reserve price of up to 10% lower price, then the decision “either sell the product or not” belongs to the only seller and the seller required to decide whether to sell the item or not. Seller has only 24 hours to make a decision and during this period seller can choose the highest price offered by the bidder to sell this product, otherwise, the auction will fail.


1.For instance, A seller lists an item with a starting bid of $100 and a reserve of $1000. Bidder A bids $150. The current bid increases to $150 but the

reserve isn't met. If nobody else places a bid, Bidder A does not win the item.

2.For instance, Bidder B places a maximum bid of $1500. The current bid increases to $1000 (the amount of the reserve) and the reserve is met. If nobody

else places a bid, Bidder B wins the item at the price of $1000.

3.For instance, bidder G places a maximum bid, which is lower than the reserve price. Let’s assume that the price that G bidder places is 940$, which as

we already know does not meet the reserve price. However, when the difference between the reserve price and the highest price offered by the bidder is

little (up to 10%), the buyer gets an opportunity to get the second chance offer. In this case, the seller decides whether to sell or not. If the seller decides

not to sell, the auction will fail.

• Participants of the Auction

Using website organizers have the opportunity to organize auctions, with the participation of any physical or legal individual, which also

includes the acceptance of terms of use. Auction participants cannot be the people who cannot obtain property rights in respect of the lot sold at auction.

• Terms of the Participation in the Auction

•An individual can register in website, only by accepting the Usage Terms and Privacy Policy

•After registration, the participant receives an identification number from the system.

•The member fills his/her personal data in the appropriate area for taking part in the auction (the data regarding the participants of the auction are not public)

and pays the auction participation payment.

•After making the payment, the participant receives the payment conforming message and from that moment the participant is able to submit bids by

increasing the floor price.

•Before the end of the auction any participant is entitled to submit a new bid, which would exceed the minimum bid set by previous participant.

•The winner of the auction becomes the one who submitted the highest price bid during the auction(while the auction has not ended)

•The auction is considered complete when the auction winner pays the price of the lot and delivery fee.

•The participation fee paid for involvement in the auction is not refundable and will be credited by the participant regardless of the success or fail of the


•After winning the auction, the participant is obliged to pay the price of the lot and delivery fee. The participant can choose the time of payment, which allows

making the payment immediately or within three working days.

•In the case of failure to pay within the prescribed period, the participant must pay a penalty of 25% of the total purchase price of the lot. Otherwise, there will

be judicial interventions. So the organizer is also enabled to exclude the participant from the system and do not allow participate in further auctions.

• Buyer’s participation conditions of SMART Auction

The buyer supposed to pay one-time membership, which allows an unlimited amount of free participation to all SMART auctions

If you're the highest bidder on a SMART Auction and you meet to the reserve price (where your Bid is equal to reserve price, or more), then you are the

winner at the end of the auction.

• The results of the Auction

Finished auction results marked "Completed Auctions" section, where you can find information about;

•Started price/Market price/Purchased price

•Lot name/Lot brand/Shop

•Other data

• SMART Auction is considered to be succeeded

•When the win price is equal or more from the reserve price
•When the winner of the auction pays the purchase price equal to or above the reserve price of the lot, and also the delivery price if the customer needs delivery.

• Auction is considered to be failed

Whenever the auction does not start by the fault of the organizer obligations, then the participation fee paid by the participants shall be refunded within

three working days or this fee can be used to participate in another auction. 

During the auction, the starting price of the lot has not increased

Only one person participates in the auction

The participant won in the auction but fails to pay lot purchase price and delivery payment in the specified period.

 Whenever these circumstances happened the auction becomes failed and the announcement about this turn into reality on the next day of occurring above mentioned conditions.

 From the moment of announcement about the failed auction, LiveAuction LLC organizes re- auction; the conditions of which including starting price can be changed.

If the auction is declared failed, this means that the paid participation payments are not returned.

 If the auction is declared invalid, because of failure to pay the fee for delivery and purchase price, then the participant is removed from the system, and other participants can take part in the re-auction without paying the participation fee.


• The organizer is supposed to; 

• Present goods and services to the auction which completely comply with the description given in

• In order to take part in the auction, organizer obliged to provide access to participant's private information, such as system interface with the purpose of editing personal information and data.

• Determine the winner of the auction immediately ends.

• After the auction organizer supposed to connect with the winner and make an agreement on all issues related to payment as well as delivering the lot in the short term.

• Provide all information to the participants about the auction and the delivery of goods.

• The Organizer has right to;

•Independently determine the conditions of auctions (starting price, an amount of participation payment, a minimum (maximum) number of steps, auction implementation time).

•Make changes in the system at any time for ensuring the holding of auctions.

•Review or cancel the results of the auctions in case of crucial violations or outside intervention /hacker attacks/.

•Organize re-auction in case of essential technical problems.

•Temporary or permanent disqualify the participant by forbidding the access to the Web-site in the case of violating the Usage Terms and mainly the obligations of the participant.

•Organizer has right to use personal information submitted by participant to connect or send a message to him/her.

• The Participant is supposed to;

•Use only those mechanisms which are presented above (mainly connected with the rights and obligations of the organizer) for participating in the auction.
•Precisely indicate all the required data (name, surname, mobile number, address, e-mail address, etc.) during the registration.
•In a case of finding not an accurate data, the registration of the participant in the auction can be banned.
•During the enrolment in the auction, the organizer encourages you to protect all the rules, which is mentioned in the immediate Usage terms.
•Pay the purchase price and delivery payment of the lot in the specified period referred to by the organizer.
•Not to interfere during the auction.
•Obey the rules.

• The Participant has Right to;

•Register for free on the web-site and take part in the auctions held by the organizer with an unlimited number of victories by one participant.
•Submit unlimited number of bids at any time during the action.
•Send private messages to the organizer.
•Be informed about all finished auctions.
•Get advice regarding how auctions are being held and also about the delivery of the goods.
•Get winning lot after making the payment.
•The agreement of the terms and its resolution procedure
•Date of signing this agreement is the same date as the acceptance of this agreement.
•This agreement will enter into force upon its signing and will be valid until the moment of its resolution.
•The present agreement can be resolved at any time by the participant in “My personal page” via deactivation.
•In the case of essential violation by the Participant and / or in the case of the failure to comply with obligations under the terms of use, the paid participation fee is not returned.
•In the case of a justified suspicion of violation of these terms of use by the participant, the organizer obligated to return the paid participation fee.

• Responsibility of the Partners

•The organizer is responsible for the organization of auctions.
•The organizer is responsible for deficiency of the lot, about which he/she was aware or should have been aware, but have not warned the participants of the auction.
•The organizer is not responsible for the participant's computer and software products operations as well as for the participant's internet connection.
•The organizer is not responsible for products (services) for non-compliance of the manufacturer's specifications and real specifications that the product or service has. Th descriptions of the lots are published based on the data submitted by the manufacturers of the products (services).
•The participant is responsible for the safety of data / username/password /.
•The organizer is not responsible for problems caused by the participant (example: the submission of wrong information).
•For failure to fulfill obligations, wholly or partially, the parties are released from responsibility, if it was due to environmental disaster / fire, natural disaster, war, etc.

• Payment Methods

•The lot price is paid only cashless payment options available in the Web-site or through a bank transfer to the account LiveAuction LLC. There is a chance for choosing the payment method by allowing to pay immediately or within three working days.
•Payments made by ARCA, VISA, MasterCard, Idram, MobiDram payment systems.
•The total price of the winning lot is consists of the lot purchase price and the delivery price.



The basket can contain one or more lots, each of which should be paid separately.

The lot is not shipped until payment has been made fully. Please be careful and check the account balance before making a payment.

In the territory of the Republic of Armenia, the payments are made in AMD.

• Limited Liability

LiveAuction- uses the payment services and software products provided by third parties and is not responsible for their availability. Online payments charged

during the opening page of the card payment systems and personal data are not available LiveAuction LLC, and therefore cannot be stored in our database.

During the specified payment date the LLC is taking responsibility for using modern security system and also are used to ensure the security of your personal


• Delivery Rules

The following rules regulate the procedure for delivery of goods purchased site and delivery of models.


•LiveAuction- delivery is carried out by the Republic of Armenia and beyond its borders through specialized postal services.

•The list will be specified for each lot, which shows which countries can make delivery payment. Therefore, check this list before payment of the participation


•Depending on the delivery address, delivery amount and timing may be different.

•If the auction price of the lot is equal to the market price or exceed it, then the lot will be supplied free or charge in the territory of RA and NKR.

•The purchased lot is delivered only after making the payment

•Your purchased lot will be delivered to the address filled in your personal page, so please provide only accurate and truthful information, otherwise

LiveAuction- is not responsible in case of any problem encountered on that basis.

•If you do not wish to goods are delivered, so please sign off the bottom, which confirms the delivery. In this case you pay only the price of the lot.

•You can see in which stage of delivery is your purchased lot in the section of “Winning Auctions.”

• Dispute Resolution Procedure

In the case of disputes arising under this contract, the parties shall make every effort to normalize relations through talks, pre-trial order. If no agreement is

reached between the parties during the negotiations, the dispute settlement procedure established under this Terms of Use shall be subject to the legislation

of the Republic of Armenia.

• Final Provisions

All the issues that are not regulated by the Site Terms of Use shall be regulated by the procedure established by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.

These Terms are made in two languages (Armenian and English), which have equal legal force. Armenian, Russian and English versions shall prevail in case

of discrepancy between the Armenian versions.

Updated on the 15th of November